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Barbershop by Paul2

I borrowed ideas from several stories I like and made my own........

I was already 26 but my stepdad insisted I experience a proper haircut at his regular barbershop. The barber called next and when I pretended not to hear, my stepdad grabbed my arm and pulled me off the waiting chair and sternly said: “get in that chair this instant or you can check into a hotel because you’re not staying in my home with that mop”. I got up and walked like a condemned man slowly to the barber’s chair. I climbed up and sort of slouched down in the chair as if the barber needing to reach further would spare a little length on my hair. It had the opposite effect; he got a little annoyed with me. He grabbed me by the shoulders and pulled me up and back in the chair at the same time. I was sitting with my butt all the way back in the seat and my back pressed firmly into the back seat cushion.

The barber popped a tissue from the dispenser on the counter, wrapped it around my neck and then pulled the cape over me snapping it very tight at the back of my neck. It literally felt like I had been manacled to the barber chair and could not move.

My step dad walked over to the chair, grabbed the hair on the back of my head/neck and pulled it while saying: “say good bye to this bird’s nest”.
He then turned to the barber and told him I needed to get a real barbershop cut:
“He’s never had a barbershop haircut, can you believe that? give him a short back and sides flat, loose the sideburns and give him nice wide arches around the ears – that should make the cut last. And don’t forget the back, I want it nice and squared off as high as you can get it”

The barber picked up a huge set of electric clippers and switched it on. He attached a small black plastic clip on to the top of it. With the clippers in his hand he pushed the back of my head down and suddenly I could feel the "Buzz" of that machine on my neck. Clumps of my Brown hair fell into my lap as he applied a lot of pressure to the clippers. He moved around to my right side and pushed my head to the left. I could now see in the mirror as he was about to apply the clippers to my sideburns. I was going to ask him to stop but it was too late! He quickly shorn the hair from the side of my head and worked the clippers up to my crown. He worked on this area for a bit to get the hair right down. He pulled at my ear to get it out of the way so that he could run the clippers up behind it. I had not realized it but now I could see with the hair shorn from here how much my right ear was protruding! I could now feel his fingers rubbing the remaining stubble on this side of my head! He then moved over to my left side and pushed my head to the right and proceeded to give this side the same treatment as for the far side. I was powerless in the chair as he mowed away my good hair growth! When this was done he straightened up my head and now looking in the mirror I had "2" protruding ears!

Now the guy took off the small blade attachment and just with the clipper blade shortened my sideburns, however, my stepdad approached me, grabbed my chin and turned my head to the side, then he addressed the barber and reminded him to take them all the way off “no sideburns for this clown, if he wants to act like a little kid he should look like one, take them off”– he wanted them even w the tops of my ears. The barber tilted my head to the side once again but I pulled away, angering my uncle even more “do you want to end up with a hnt Paul?” – “no sir” I said – “then keep still!!” – he then addressed the barber again “I want them str8 with the tops of his ears”. The barber then started marking a crisp line high over my ears on both sides and down the back of my neck. Then I felt my head pushed deep into my chest - the blade buzz into my neck as he cut into my hairline and "marked" a straight line right across. He then lathered my neck and with the wet razor cut away all hair up to this line. He picked up a hand mirror and with it let me see the back of my head in its reflection. I could see that there was a dead straight fine crisp line high on my neck, about 2 inches of my neck hairline had been shaved clean away. It was such a perfectly defined square, there was no mistaking I had just been severely barbered and assured, unlike a taper, that I would need another barbershop visit soon to keep it looking blocked in such an extreme way. When I tilted my head slightly forward this tight straight line became bow shaped as it stretched with my tilting! Worse than this my ears stuck out from the back and I felt because of this he had made this shaved neck finish to show them off at their best!!

The shaving continued around my ears – my stepdad, once again, approached the barberchair and told the barber to shave it higher around the ears – that maybe this way Id learn to get haircuts when I need to and not wait to be forced into getting one – the barber then shaved a whole inch around them assuring no hair would even get close to touching my ears ever again.

The top was then cut into a flattop, which lasted for at least 20 min as he cut and recut little bits to make it perfectly flat and square – I looked like a dork from 1950.

I was dusted w talcum, and when the cape was removed and I got up, my stepfather approached, gave me a couple of gentle slaps on the cheek and said: “there ya go, no more looking like a homeless guy – how does it feel to get your hair cut at a man’s barbershop and not a woman’s salon?”
I didn’t know what to say and just smiled sheepishly.
He paid the barber and we left….

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Sounds like me in 1960. I had an Elvis style cut and was told to get a crew cut. I went to the barbershop and waited till I was last. Dave said lets get it over with a crew cut it will be. Dave had just cut his Elvis style hair to a Flat top. I asked could we do that. Dave called Dad and it was agreed upon a Flat top was OK. I sat and look at the mirror in front of me and the mirror at the back. I watched as Dave got the clippers out and no guard. Up the back over the ears, as hair piled on the floor and cape, The Top was to be cut, 5inches of hair was cut to a 5/8th inch cut and now every year, I grow my hair long from Sept to Dec and then on the 1st of the year I get a flat top.OC26 May 2016
Because I ripped my school uniform to bites on the last day of the summer term my dad went bonkers. He took all of my clothes and locked them away. I was left with two pairs of nylon football shorts (one green the other blue) my brothers old shorts,one of these was still in a bucket of cold water outside, ready to be washed. I also had two white t-shirts and trainers & flip-flops.He said this was it for the summer, he ordered me to stripe down and put everything in a black bag which I did, standing there with nothing on, but my birthday suit! He throw the shorts and one T-shirt at me and said get them on and the trainers, so I did. I asked for underwear! he just gave me that look that you don't question anything else.
I quickly change and he told me to run to a barbers several miles away and said the sooner you get there the more hair you I'll keep! Go....I ran like hell, the barber gave me a reasonable haircut and I was pleased.....as I walked out the barber told me I had to run to another barbers which was miles away and had a bad reputation for sharp hairs. The barber had spoken to my dad and knew him well. He ordered me to sweep up,and then told me to do more chores until he was ready, I was becoming fearful. Then my dad arrived and closed the shop.I was order to the chair and the barber took the clippers and started to remove all of my hair, it was all gone, I was shocked and horrified. My dad then came over and said I going to give you some military discipline and make sure you pay for your mistakes. He then told the barber to soap up & shave the back and sides, which he did twice! We then went home, I went to that barbers every week and washed a wore only those clothes every holiday.My dad started shaving me ANSI took over at 18. We a both shaven and I still live in shorts!
Colin03 May 2016
I got married in 1975, we emigrated to the U.S. soon after.
My husband had cut my hair several times. it was always very exciting. In 1980 after at a wild party, he found me in in a dark room with another man. He was furious and took me home. There he told me to undress, I was still quite whoozy from the party !
He sat me on a high chair and started to cut my hair. After a while he surprised me with a pair of electric clippers. I didn't know he owned that...
I objected of course, but soon the buzzing thing was cutting my hair... I hated it, yet got very excited. We had a fantastic night, though my memory is quite vague...
When I got up the next day, I first went to the bathroom and saw myself in the mirror !
All my hair was gone...! I had a G.I Joe haircut !! no more than 1/8 inch of stubbles and short 3/4 inch on top, cut perfectly flat. I was mortified ! I screamed and yelled at him. He just laughed...
He never allowed me to grow it out ever since. I am 52 years now and still have a flat top haircut. He dyes it black now to hide my gray hair.
Erica08 Feb 2016
I was the guy in the barbers chair, only I am a girl ! When I was 18, I ran away from home and never wet back. I met this guy, who kept me under condition I got my hair cut my cut off.
I didn,t believe my ears, when I heard him give the barber instruction. I got clippered all around my head, down to a quarter inch. Then the top was scossor cut really short, and he put some gook in it.
Then he clippered it aal really short and flat. We went home, me crying my eyes out, he as happy as a lark !
Gkina16 Nov 2015
remember this when I was about 15 and just growing sideburns, Italian barber who lined up at the very top tip of my ears and then ran hand clippers all the way leaving white scalp behind.sheared09 Sep 2015
Familiar story I was 17 and my dad took me to his mate who had hairclippers instead of a high n tight type haircut I ended up with it shaved to stubble, had it like that right up to 19 years old! Loved it now am bald by choice and shave my sons head too baldmister04 Jan 2015
I had flattop haircuts when I was 7 years old but when I got older I had long hair like everyone else In grade school and high school I would have loved to get a flattop but it was not popular to have one at all. If I was young and had to do it all over I would have a flattop and never have long hair again and I wouldn't care what anyone saidJim15 Oct 2014
Agree Jim. Wish I'd kept short hair and never had long hair! There's stories (true) about my dad cutting my hair. Perhaps I'll tell more someday....Barber Mike15 Oct 2014
I had flattop haircuts when I was 7 years old but when I got older I had long hair like everyone else In grade school and high school I would have loved to get a flattop but it was not popular to have one at all. If I was young and had to do it all over I would have a flattop and never have long hair again and I wouldn't care what anyone saidJim14 Oct 2014
I had the same thing happen to me as a kid, but it was my mom who took me to the barber shop and told them how it was to be cut, all thy to my 17th birthdayTODD06 Jul 2014
I had the same experience. I had long hair at 18 and the result was a recon. I have had the haircut since and would never go backJohn15 Oct 2013
26 is far too old to be told what haircut to get. At 26, I would leveled him, stepfather or not. It's the right choice of cuts, however - I wanted one so much, but my parents didn't want that for me, or for me to be using that great smelling wax in my hair. I had to have a buzz, and I hated it. If they hadn't done that, I probably wouldn't be sitting here writing this, and though I'm thinning and don't have a nice, waxed up short flat anymore, it's for sure that someday soon I'm going to get that "final" flattop, and I'll wear it proud. There's no better haircut than a military high and tight or a flat for bringing out your eyes and total face, as well as the feeling of masculinity that comes along with it. Bring on the Lucky Tiger!!Anon07 Jul 2013
Grow a pair and get a job.Oldone09 Mar 2013
I remember my dad did this to me when i was 18. Ever since I've had the same horseshoe flattopAnon30 Dec 2012
at age 26 you'd think he'd be old enough to make his own decisions about his hair. Anon11 Dec 2012
I've also had a barber square my sideburns 'At the top of the ears?' and then literally dig the clippers in level with the absolute tip of my ear and remove everything to this line taking off about an inch and a half of the natural hairlineAnon11 Dec 2012
Cool story....been that that guy in the barberchair....thank youcowboybarber09 Dec 2012
That's a familiar story I had from the late sixties/ early seventies. I had a flat top cut back then; totally rebelled against short hair later on. Now in my fifties - I have a flat top cut once again. I have for about twenty years. Probably will never go back to anything else.Flat Top Guy05 Sep 2012
I had a flattop in the 70's, it was a transition from crewcuts. While I didn't like thought of having a flattop (always seemed like such an oldies style, and no other kids had flattops in my area) I can say it looked alright now--and it least, like the crewcuts, there was some variation and the top front looked like the hair was longer. I mention this because after having a flattop for awhile my dad decided that I needed a shorter haircut, so I got a clipper shave/butch.Archon 212 Apr 2012
i love having a flattop.skitch03 Apr 2012
Sounds like a an experience I had with my dad during the 70"s... The choice was a flattop or butch cut period.Since I didn't want either I ended up with a waxed up flat just like his flattoppa31 Mar 2012
Sounds like a an experience I had with my dad during the 70"s The choice was a flattop or butch cut period.Since i didn't want either I ended up with a waxed up flat flattoppa31 Mar 2012
That's a great story. It's a good thing to have someone care enough about you to force you to get a sharp a flat top so you will look smart. Then when you get used to the transformation you will feal realy good about yourself. and also feal good that you have someone cares enough about you to take care of you like this. Great story Robert31 Mar 2012