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From long hair sissy to flattop real manLonghair22 Apr 2014
the true me finally comes outAdam Stefanacci 22 Apr 2014
Mr. Majewski's LegacyManny12 Apr 2014
Trip Back HomeTyler08 Apr 2014
Dads and Fathers in lawDeke Cutter05 Apr 2014
Last ChanceBaldSurfer02 Apr 2014
Shave It ForwardBaldSurfer28 Mar 2014
Johnny FlattopVS Baldy27 Mar 2014
Buzz Cut at HomeEdward27 Mar 2014
Haircut HeavenBuzz Ed23 Mar 2014
Recovered StoriesAuthor Date
The WormA recruit15 Dec 2005
A Fantasy RelivedChaucer30 Jun 2001
My Hair is GoneA Recruit30 Jun 2001
A New Look for a Special DayA Recruit30 Jun 2001
BobA Recruit30 Jun 2001
No TitleUnknown30 Nov 1999
The PineappleA Recruit31 May 2001
NY ExperienceA Recruit31 May 2001
My First Razor Shave - A True StoryA Recruit30 Apr 2001
AndyA Recruit30 Apr 2001
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Tommy by Saggin Jeans
Sadistic father jealous of his sons youth. Very sad story
Barber125 Apr 2014
Emo Boy Clipped by Anon
Super hot!! Wish it were me in that chair
longhair24 Apr 2014
From long hair sissy to flattop real man by Longhair
Anon24 Apr 2014
From long hair sissy to flattop real man by Longhair
Excellent !
hairycueball22 Apr 2014
the true me finally comes out by Adam Stefanacci
what is this, a haircutstory or a revieuw of shavers?
fireblade5121822 Apr 2014
The severe flat top by barberboy
Great story my friend. The horse shoe flat top haircut is my second favorite net to the total head shave which I sport because the top of my noggin is bald.
Baldjoeg20 Apr 2014
Just Like His (extended) by Paraoh/Tim
Love the new guys. Much more up to date......
Barber119 Apr 2014
Those Deep Blue Eyes by Skinned21
Yeah .that sexual tension was so strong. Love the story.
Barber119 Apr 2014
Mr. Majewski's Legacy by Manny
Amazing work!
Inotera19 Apr 2014
Mr. Majewski's Legacy by Manny
Great story. Thanks for sharing it with us. I would definitely sport a high and tight short horse shoe flat top haircut if I had hair on top of my noggin, Since I don't have any hair on top of my head, I sport a shaved head and love it. So easy to care for and no more bad hair days for me.
Baldjoeg18 Apr 2014