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sunday afternoon tv
by seamus  31 Jul 2014
The roommates force me
by yash  30 Jul 2014
Short, shorter, shortest.
by Caped Crusader  29 Jul 2014
A fair deal
by yash  28 Jul 2014
The gay headshave
by abhishek  28 Jul 2014
The south Indian orthodox ritual
by abhishek  27 Jul 2014
Shaving my friends head
by abhishek  27 Jul 2014
the vow fullfillment
by abhishek  27 Jul 2014
Andrew's Haircut Adventures, Part 5
by Andrew Smith  24 Jul 2014
Andrew's Haircut Adventures, Part 4
by Andrew Smith  20 Jul 2014
The Grind
by The Grind  18 Jul 2014
First Med REG
by Birth of a recruit  11 Jul 2014
The Urge Revisited
by New Recruit  11 Jul 2014
I needed a head shave...
by Shamit  09 Jul 2014
Andrew's Haircut Adventures, Part 3
by Andrew Smith  05 Jul 2014
A New Start
by Deke Cutter  29 Jun 2014
Andrew's Haircut Adventures, Part 2
by Andrew Smith  29 Jun 2014
Barber's Choice
by Ryan  28 Jun 2014
Sean Gets Shorn
by Manny  23 Jun 2014
Goodbye to Gabe
by Manny  23 Jun 2014
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The Worm
by A recruit  15 Dec 2005
A Fantasy Relived
by Chaucer  30 Jun 2001
My Hair is Gone
by A Recruit  30 Jun 2001
A New Look for a Special Day
by A Recruit  30 Jun 2001
by A Recruit  30 Jun 2001
No Title
by Unknown  30 Nov 1999
The Pineapple
by A Recruit  31 May 2001
NY Experience
by A Recruit  31 May 2001
My First Razor Shave - A True Story
by A Recruit  30 Apr 2001
by A Recruit  30 Apr 2001
Finally We Meet
by Chaucer  30 Apr 2001
I'm Free
by A Recruit  31 Mar 2001
The Bald Prank
by Eagle  31 Mar 2001
Jake's Cleanup
by Shanon  28 Feb 2001
What A Change - I'm Bald
by Gil  28 Feb 2001
Team Tryouts
by Tim  28 Feb 2001
No Average Son
by Geoff  28 Feb 2000
French Shave
by Chris  28 Feb 2000
by A Recruit  28 Feb 2000
Beware of Cell Phones
by Geoff  28 Feb 2000
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The Worst Home Haircut Ever! True Story!
by Recruit  31 Dec 2004
Shorter Every Time: Weekly Update 1
by Matt Cegelka  31 Dec 2006
History Repeated
by Dave (UK)  31 Dec 2004
Jimmy Fallon's hair confession
by Jimmy Fallon  24 Apr 2012
Up to you part 2
by Ryan  01 Dec 2013
It was gonna happen
by CollegeFlat  24 May 2013
My Mate Needed A Haircut
by PB  31 Dec 2006
Survey 3!
by Mark McKarty  28 Nov 2013
Get Rid of it All
by Jack  13 Mar 2005
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Getting a Flattop
by Flattopper  16 Jul 2013
Top to Bottom
by Bald Surfer  01 Mar 2012
by KARAN  15 Sep 2013
Colin Cans his Pomp
by Manny  17 Aug 2013
A returning customer
by Mike V  08 Feb 2012
Uniforme Obligatorio
by Barbero Militar  07 Mar 2012
The Making of a Marine
by Geoff  31 Dec 2006
Shy Louis vs. Shorn Louis
by Manny  15 Sep 2013
Small World
by Dave  31 Dec 2005
College Heashave
by Chris  09 Mar 2014
Recent CommentsPosted By Date
The roommates force me by yash
Thank you so much cut boy ..the next parts will release as soon as possible
yash31 Jul 2014
New Family, New Haircut by RJ
great story! wish my hair was that long
inotera30 Jul 2014
A fair deal by yash
Nice sexual homo erotic story. I loved the haircut and the body & head shave. The friend discovered he was really gay during the first experience with yash. A very good homo story.
Cute boy30 Jul 2014
The roommates force me by yash
Very sexual and homoerotic story! I loved the forced haircut and body shave. The end of keeping this threesome's sexuality as a secret was also a good idea. The whole story is written by a gay young man who enjoys what he does! Nice!!!
Cute boy30 Jul 2014

You're so awesome! I don't think I have read through anything like that before. So nice to find another person with a few original thoughts on this issue. Really.. thank you for starting this up. This site is something that's needed on the web, someone with a bit of originality!
Anon30 Jul 2014
A fair deal by yash
These are my real life incidences which I wanted to eagerly share with everyone I have had Many more experience of heads having since my childhood ..... Ur comments will make me write more ..
yash 30 Jul 2014
A fair deal by yash
Thank you so much barber 1 ... I thought as iif no ones liked it ... ur comments will make me write more stories of such type ... Thank you once again for the appreciation ....
yash 30 Jul 2014
A fair deal by yash
Very sexy story......
Barber 129 Jul 2014
Paul Goes Male-Pattern Bald (extended) by Recruit & Pharaoh
For quite some time now I've had a fantasy about getting my hair permanently removed. Reading this story again got me all excited about how great it would feel to have a completely bald skinhead without a trace of hair left.
I used to have long wavy hair, and started to shave my head years ago before it became trendy. To get my pate as smooth
and as naturally bald looking as possible, I sometimes have to lather up a couple of times before I can hardly feel any stubble left. I think I'm ready now to commit to the long and somewhat painful head waxing process and eventually become truly bald. I don't think I'll miss the ritual of shaving my head, because what really turns me on, is the ultra smooth and shiny look and feel I have when I'm oiling up my freshly shaved skull. Totally bald, all I'll have to do is keep my scalp oiled and I'm ready for action !
Like I said, this story is an inspiration for me, unlocking a deep desire for true baldness. Would love to hear from anyone who has accomplished the hair removal process. Any
regrets ? Also would like to find a sympathetic buddy willing to help me with my transformation. As in the story, I would consider first getting a male pattern baldness look.
I hope my comments are appropriate to your website. I get off on your head shaving stories, and on occasion have had
some wild hot head shaving scenes. Keep up the good work !
jack28 Jul 2014
You gave me the liberty to do whatever! by Chappy
Great story... No other cut like a flat top
flat4ever26 Jul 2014