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My “untidy ways of before"
by Thebarbered1  31 Aug 2014
First Flattop – Part 2
by htflatnc  30 Aug 2014
Back to buzz
by Derek Wendt  30 Aug 2014
by Moc  26 Aug 2014
First Flattop Part 1
by htflatnc  24 Aug 2014
caught chatting with gf
by abhishek  24 Aug 2014
unexpected headshave
by Yash   24 Aug 2014
Johnny hits a double
by Deke Cutter  17 Aug 2014
Bennett Bails from the Corporate World
by Manny  16 Aug 2014
Lee's Vintage Car, Vintage Haircut
by Many  16 Aug 2014
Marco, Age 16
by BarberTyler  16 Aug 2014
by Seamus  13 Aug 2014
...Sunday night...
by seamus  11 Aug 2014
A Brig or a Ship
by Walter  05 Aug 2014
Unwanted Buzz Cut For Vacation
by Louis  04 Aug 2014
The Stranger
by Barbie Girl   01 Aug 2014
sunday afternoon tv
by seamus  31 Jul 2014
The roommates force me
by yash  30 Jul 2014
Short, shorter, shortest.
by Caped Crusader  29 Jul 2014
A fair deal
by yash  28 Jul 2014
Recovered Stories
The Worm
by A recruit  15 Dec 2005
A Fantasy Relived
by Chaucer  30 Jun 2001
My Hair is Gone
by A Recruit  30 Jun 2001
A New Look for a Special Day
by A Recruit  30 Jun 2001
by A Recruit  30 Jun 2001
No Title
by Unknown  30 Nov 1999
The Pineapple
by A Recruit  31 May 2001
NY Experience
by A Recruit  31 May 2001
My First Razor Shave - A True Story
by A Recruit  30 Apr 2001
by A Recruit  30 Apr 2001
Finally We Meet
by Chaucer  30 Apr 2001
I'm Free
by A Recruit  31 Mar 2001
The Bald Prank
by Eagle  31 Mar 2001
Jake's Cleanup
by Shanon  28 Feb 2001
What A Change - I'm Bald
by Gil  28 Feb 2001
Team Tryouts
by Tim  28 Feb 2001
No Average Son
by Geoff  28 Feb 2000
French Shave
by Chris  28 Feb 2000
by A Recruit  28 Feb 2000
Beware of Cell Phones
by Geoff  28 Feb 2000
Random Stories
The Neighbour's Son
by Arthur  31 Dec 2005
Hi! (A Dream Come True)
by Skitch  07 Feb 2012
Brotherly Love
by Recruit  31 Dec 2004
Ed Executes an Extreme Makeover
by Manny  20 Jul 2013
Slick shiny bald
by Ky  28 Feb 2013
Fourth Time's The Charm
by Tim  31 Jan 2001
Top to Bottom
by Bald Surfer  01 Mar 2012
You Think It's Funny? It's Your Turn
by Bald Surfer  08 Mar 2012
Recent - Part 2
by crwctboy  31 Dec 2006
Those Deep Blue Eyes
by Skinned21  15 Jul 2012
by Recruit  31 Dec 2004
Russ and Chip in The Park - Part Three
by Russ  29 Feb 2012
...Sunday night...
by seamus  11 Aug 2014
Shoeless, Sockless, and hairless
by Lee Beriis  31 May 2012
by Saggin Jeans  31 Dec 2006
in need of money
by buzz cutter  18 Oct 2013
It's all Google's Fault
by Clipper Addict  12 Oct 2013
the women power
by   20 May 2012
A Dream Come True
by Flatty  15 Jul 2013
A mother's trick haircut
by marie  22 May 2013
Recent CommentsPosted By Date
Hypnotized by Jerrod
I wish this could happen. I'd love it to happen at my barber shop to me.
Hi01 Sep 2014
Language Accident by Al
Excellent story. Vive le Français !
hairycueball31 Aug 2014
Lee's Vintage Car, Vintage Haircut by Many
Loved the whole way this story unfolded and I'm thinking right now about the two of them on the country road exploring each other's flattops!
JamesHSV31 Aug 2014
First Flattop – Part 2 by htflatnc
Stringing us along? You bet! And enjoying every minute. Sometimes the journey is more exciting than the destination. Then again...
JB31 Aug 2014
First Flattop – Part 2 by htflatnc
htflatnc, great story series... but you're stringing us along! Someday needs to come soon...! :) You are a good writer. Thanks for sharing.
sc30 Aug 2014
First Flattop – Part 2 by htflatnc
Gets better with every installment.
coflat30 Aug 2014
looking for a story
I am looking for a story and I can't remember the name of it, it has 2 guys one blonde one brown and the 'cut' happened in their room or something and I distinctively remember them taking the scissors and cutting a piece underneath their fringe/bangs (sorry im from the uk) really short, sorry I can't remember much more but I do remember it was a great story
matty30 Aug 2014
First Flattop – Part 2 by htflatnc
Great build up, keeps the punters wanting more
anon30 Aug 2014
First Flattop Part 1 by htflatnc
I also wait eagerly for part 2!!!
Cute boy30 Aug 2014
My first haircut by Vasu
poor story
Anon30 Aug 2014