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Head Down, Boy Pt 1 by Next in the Chair
by stopfordianstationer  26 Apr 2016
Take It All Off
by drummer16  25 Apr 2016
Rick and Joe Clean Up Their Acts
by Manny  24 Apr 2016
by Bald K  22 Apr 2016
Crowning Glory
by Joelsweet  19 Apr 2016
Finally Did It!
by Matt  19 Apr 2016
by Joelsweet  17 Apr 2016
Mr Richards
by Sean Barnet  15 Apr 2016
Rampion (Male version of Rapunzel)
by Joelsweet  14 Apr 2016
The Swimming Competition
by Buzzedshort  14 Apr 2016
Going farther … part 3
by thadeusz  12 Apr 2016
Going farther … part 2
by thadeusz  12 Apr 2016
23 to 63 - part five
by Titan  11 Apr 2016
A Flattop (formerly No Title)
by Gator  08 Apr 2016
Sergeant Baxter
by Sean Barnet  08 Apr 2016
by MarcustheBald16  06 Apr 2016
MY barbershop Xperience part 1
by Baldvenom  04 Apr 2016
Tony Turns the Tables
by Manny  01 Apr 2016
Hobson's Choice,
by Sean Barnet  01 Apr 2016
Cut for me
by MarcustheBald16  31 Mar 2016
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by Authorharj  31 Dec 2006
A Matter of Etiquette
by Jay  31 Dec 2006
Neighborhood Shoe
by Logan  31 Dec 2006
A More Than Generous Tip (Extended)
by Jay  31 Dec 2006
Surprise at Work (Translation)
by El Pelao  31 Dec 2006
Surprise at Work (Translation)
by El Pelao  31 Dec 2006
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by Lox  31 Dec 2006
A Total Surprise Induction Cut
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An Authentic Brush Cut
by Brady  31 Dec 2006
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by   30 Nov 1999
Head Count
by BaldSurfer  09 Oct 2012
Great Uncle Alexander, Part 2,
by Sean Barnet  11 Mar 2016
Yup - That Just Happened
by Yup - That Just Happened  26 Sep 2014
Chronicles of a Headshave My 1st shave
by Barber Mike  31 Dec 2004
Don't Even Tell Me
by Tim  30 Nov 2000
A Little Trim
by A Recruit  31 Dec 2006
It's finally time
by Ray   27 Jan 2016
About shackles and haircuts
by thadeusz  25 Aug 2015
Right Place, Wrong Time
by Tim  19 Dec 2013
My Haircut Mentor
by Snipped Sam  11 Nov 2015
Teenage Pop Star becoming a Man
by Tall and Sexy  27 Jun 2012
Spin Cycle
by Crew Cub  31 Dec 2006
At Manny's - Barber in the Chair!
by Manny  24 Jan 2016
son and dad haircut bonding part 1
by baldvenom  02 Nov 2014
Hi! (A Dream Come True)
by Skitch  07 Feb 2012
Beware of Cell Phones
by Geoff  28 Feb 2000
It Suits Me
by Jerrod  31 Dec 2006
The Bald Warriors
by MarcustheBald16   22 Jan 2016
JO'S BARBERSHOP 2 vs The Candy Seller
by Mr. Nice Guy  31 Dec 2004
Recent CommentsPosted By Date
A full short back and sides by Snipped sam
I love this whacky comments ab out formal dress in the barber shop. I always wonder what kind of messed up trauma causes that kind of thinking. I mean, if that floats his boat, fine, but that control freak "all must" thing...whew!
Deke Cutter01 May 2016
Survey 2! by Mark McKarty
1 B (no guard buzzcut)
2 C
3 B
4 B
5 A
6 a
7 My brother forgot to put attachment on clippers, so I went bald.
Anon01 May 2016
A full short back and sides by Snipped sam
Boys or young men should be wearing a shirt, formal trousers or shorts with long grey socks, shoes and a tie before sitting in the barbers chair for a short back and sides then made to wear a jacket after stepping out of the chair with a pair of cuff links added whilst in the chair by their mother or father
Anon30 Apr 2016
Head Down, Boy Pt 1 by Next in the Chair by stopfordianstationer
Excellent story, impatiently waiting for the part 2 !
thadeusz30 Apr 2016
Head Down, Boy Pt 1 by Next in the Chair by stopfordianstationer
Would be great if Daniel IS forced next time - so much better than him deciding for himself - hope he has to be dragged there ha ha
Anon29 Apr 2016
Survey 3! by Mark McKarty
Anonymous29 Apr 2016
Survey! by Mark McKarty
1A, 2A, 3A/C, 4A, 5A, 6A, 7B, 8C, 9A, 10B, 11A, 12A, 13A, 14C, 15 #3Buzzcut
Anonymous29 Apr 2016
Survey 2! by Mark McKarty
A, B, B(No, sorry), A, B, A
Anonymous29 Apr 2016
Head Down, Boy Pt 1 by Next in the Chair by stopfordianstationer
Great story and build up, can't wait to read where it goes from here.
Anon29 Apr 2016
Take It All Off by drummer16
Change the age from 18 to 7 and reminds me of my first buzzcut. Long brown hair to #1 allover as my Dad was bored of my long hair and thought a "skinhead" as he called it would be neater. Dropped me off at the barbers with the instructions- give him a nice short cut for summer. Barber ran with those words and skinned me. Dad couldn't have been happier when he got back to pick me up!
Londoner28 Apr 2016