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by Manny  26 Jul 2015
Jim's Detour
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Simon Says Short
by Next in the Chair  03 Jul 2015
Patrick Pounces
by Manny  03 Jul 2015
Staying bald for wife with cancer.
by fullman  02 Jul 2015
Hair History Part 2
by Mike V  01 Jul 2015
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by Manny  08 Sep 2014
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by Derek Wendt  30 Aug 2014
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by Flatty  30 Jul 2013
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by Julian  31 Dec 2004
The roommates force me
by yash  30 Jul 2014
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by Snipped Sam  13 Mar 2015
Fragments treatment
by Chris  09 May 2014
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by A Recruit  31 Aug 2001
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by Sgt. D  19 Aug 2000
A Coach Connor Special - part 4a by JB
by JB  11 Feb 2014
Recent CommentsPosted By Date
Jim's Detour - Part 2 by Manny
Thank you, Manny. Excellent story. Among the best ever posted to the site. I hope you will write a third part where he's taken down even further. But this was awesome.
Alex27 Jul 2015
Jim's Detour - Part 2 by Manny
Great job Manny! I didn't see that one coming. The bald fade and shaved part in the business suit! Always trust your old barber! :)
sc27 Jul 2015
Goodbye to Gabe by Manny
Wow -- love the feel the story conveys.....shedding one look and adopting another.
Anon27 Jul 2015
Jim's Detour - Part 2 by Manny
Manny, you are simply the best!
shortcut26 Jul 2015
Jim's Detour - Part 2 by Manny
A true masterpiece by Manny. Incredibly, I liked part two better than part one. The wholesome stories appeal to me more than the kinky ones, Manny. But they don't always have to have an upbeat ending....
James26 Jul 2015
Jim's Detour by Manny
Great story. Next time shorter, please. :)
Alex26 Jul 2015
Jim's Detour by Manny
Really glad to see Manny back. He always writes fantastic stories.

Hope this means we'll see more of his writing in the future. Perhaps even his Flickr account coming back???
Linus26 Jul 2015
Jim's Detour by Manny
I was tihnking that maybe he should stop by again on the way home from the office and let Mr. Lee have his way -- all the way!
Manny26 Jul 2015
Jim's Detour by Manny
Good story Manny. I'd like to know some more; what happens when Jim gets to work after his 'detour'? What happens with the next haircut? Does he return to barber Mr. Lee? Perhaps the son gives him a haircut next time? :-) LOL
Barber Mike25 Jul 2015
Jim's Detour by Manny
Manny - Great story! Really like the emotional conflict and the businessman in the suit stepping out of his comfort zone. Next time-- H 'n T for you! Look forward to the reaction in the office and the 2nd visit... On the way home from work the same day?
sc25 Jul 2015