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by stillcropped  26 May 2015
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by juampa  24 May 2015
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by Hung  23 May 2015
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I'll only have it real short.
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The long haired officer
by thadeusz  11 May 2015
Fresh Flat
by CollegeBoy  10 May 2015
Life Behind the Chair-Shaving the Cop
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by Razor Sharp  05 May 2015
Playing the Field
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Son, I Think It's Time
by BaldSurfer  30 Apr 2015
Engañado y pelado
by Java  28 Apr 2015
Un rapado mas
by Java  28 Apr 2015
Hip to Be Square(d)
by BaldSurfer  25 Apr 2015
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Mr Dice part 2
by Snipped Sam / shorn lad  22 May 2015
Andrew's Haircut Adventures, Part 7
by Andrew Smith  14 Oct 2014
by Dave  31 Dec 2004
Easter memories
by Chris  09 Apr 2012
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by Recruit  31 Dec 2004
Grew It Out to Shave It Off
by Bald Surfer  21 Mar 2012
Just Like Any Other Day
by Gayswimmer  31 Dec 2006
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by Deke Cutter  07 Jul 2012
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by Manny  30 Apr 2014
dad 2 shaved me
by Ian Yellowlees   25 Jun 2012
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by   20 May 2012
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by Carstairs  31 Dec 2004
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by Caped Crusader  26 Apr 2013
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by A Recruit  07 Oct 2000
My (Really!) True Haircut History - Pt 3
by BaldSurfer  11 Jul 2012
What A Change - I'm Bald
by Gil  28 Feb 2001
Freshman Year
by Dave  31 Dec 2006
Recent CommentsPosted By Date
One Less Hippie by BaldSurfer
Love this dude. Keep the Pompidou. Sounds really sexy......
Barber 127 May 2015
Short as you Can by stillcropped
Can we get a sequel about charlie please?!?! Also great story, i've been trying to work up a head shave for a while but keep chickening out.
CleanCutKid26 May 2015
Peluquero de barrio by Java
Yo tambien prefiero las peluquerias de barrio y que el peluquero te pele a su antojo. Muy buena historia
sancho26 May 2015
My First Butch Pays a Bonanza by Manny
Seriously, some offices have it backwards on men's hair. A butch looks great with a suit. Businesses like construction where it's mostly men know this,it's the equivalent of in uniform. Short hair wins in American culture.
Walt26 May 2015
el primer cliente by juampa
Muy buena historia loco!
Java26 May 2015
el primer cliente by juampa
In 2013 he worked at a mobile phone company in the city of Buenos Aires (for those who know, near the Plaza de los Congresos).
Every day at noon we went to lunch with three companions bowling Antonio, a barbarian spectacular Galician preparing homemade meals.
Along bowling was an old hairdresser of those pouter well in which, through large windows you could see everything inside that not too wide revealed a very old chair, a waiting chairs, large mirror and classic furniture with drawers. In truth of the century seemed, like the old barber who always expected the arrival of a customer.
We did joke about who would be encouraged to cut his hair where we assumed had never entered anyone.
Come summer I was preparing my vacaciones.Era the first year where would have a month off. Last Friday I was still working to resolve things missing since leaving trip early Saturday. One was to cut my hair so, not to lose time to check out I mentioned to the boys who would not eat that noon because I go to cut hair. All face of terror began to learn that go to that old hairdresser. After teasing the case we went to the bowling but I stopped at the door of the shop being confident. The barber was sitting on the couch reading the newspaper when I entered. I stood up and then invited me to greet me sentarme.Mientras wore a blue coat he asked me how I wanted the cut, I just asked you a shirt for the summer.The barber took scissors and began to trim my hair neck, then thought if he had been right to tell the court, but was it enough tranquilo.Cortó looked back as the strands that were on my shoulders. Then he cut the hair on the ears leaving the air. He saw the barber in the mirror and cut and cut.
At the time he left the scissors and clippers took a manual machine that was on the counter. You will have seen my look of surprise in the mirror because he said it was to lower the neck and pushed my head forward and I could not see myself reflected. I felt like running the machine up to the middle of my head, repeating the course in three or four slots. I felt the cold blade to the neck and then the pins to the temples. Taking courage I asked her machine was using and he said verbatim: Boy, the American media machine is zero. There I thought you killed, jajaj. He continued rapándome at will the neck and the side to be blank. He cut the hair on the top of the head with scissors until it reached other proper length to my hair. With a compact talc he filled me with neck and brushed to get luster. I put a mirror behind to approve the cut and then saw through the windows of my three dead friends laugh. I rose from the chair, hit and went outside where I was met with ridicule of the case. Luckily for one month they would not see me.
Past vacation and return to work with hair grown something, always were f***ing with me back to the old hair to match me.
In short, in spite of everything I had liked that bare, so much so that I went back a couple more times and as usual became natural.
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Google Translator25 May 2015
we want to shave head by Hung
i find it difficult to comprehend the written english
anon24 May 2015
The Education of Doc Anderson by Manny
Amazing as usual. It is nice to see you back. We all missed you. I know I did. : )
Todd24 May 2015
My First Butch Pays a Bonanza by Manny
'A classic butch, an eighth of an inch all over'. :-) I usually got a #2, 1/4" tapered shorter up the sides and back into it when I did my 'butch' cuts. :-)
The aura of confidence in the story is great!
Barber Mike24 May 2015
I'll only have it real short. by Walt
In UK the best barbers now are the Turks. Place I go in Nottingham every ten days - high bald fade and cleaned with the razor. Sound!
Max24 May 2015