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Ronny Goes to School
by longhairboy  21 Jan 2015
Short back & sides for a year - then two
by Thebarbered1  20 Jan 2015
My AfterSchool haircut gone wrong
by holyvenom  20 Jan 2015
Callum visits the 1970s
by Snipped Sam  20 Jan 2015
Getting the Edge
by Steve  19 Jan 2015
Hair History Part 1
by Mike V  17 Jan 2015
Borstal Boy
by Snipped Sam  08 Jan 2015
How I got my Flattop
by A Recruit  06 Jan 2015
Smart like teacher
by DaveB  04 Jan 2015
The new school
by Jajko  01 Jan 2015
The Boyfriend
by longhairboy  30 Dec 2014
Mullet Man
by Gregorynation  30 Dec 2014
DC Buzzcut
by Cjd30101  29 Dec 2014
Better Next Time
by Jack  21 Dec 2014
The bully taught a lesson in class
by Thebarbered1  18 Dec 2014
Very Short Haircut
by Bill Ness  17 Dec 2014
Curly bush hacked off
by Nicholas Sandell  17 Dec 2014
Unexpected Perfect Season
by burrlypup  17 Dec 2014
One For The Rest Of You
by burrlypup  17 Dec 2014
Living the way Gramps taught me
by Flatty  15 Dec 2014
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The Worm
by A recruit  15 Dec 2005
A Fantasy Relived
by Chaucer  30 Jun 2001
My Hair is Gone
by A Recruit  30 Jun 2001
A New Look for a Special Day
by A Recruit  30 Jun 2001
by A Recruit  30 Jun 2001
No Title
by Unknown  30 Nov 1999
The Pineapple
by A Recruit  31 May 2001
NY Experience
by A Recruit  31 May 2001
My First Razor Shave - A True Story
by A Recruit  30 Apr 2001
by A Recruit  30 Apr 2001
Finally We Meet
by Chaucer  30 Apr 2001
I'm Free
by A Recruit  31 Mar 2001
The Bald Prank
by Eagle  31 Mar 2001
Jake's Cleanup
by Shanon  28 Feb 2001
What A Change - I'm Bald
by Gil  28 Feb 2001
Team Tryouts
by Tim  28 Feb 2001
No Average Son
by Geoff  28 Feb 2000
French Shave
by Chris  28 Feb 2000
by A Recruit  28 Feb 2000
Beware of Cell Phones
by Geoff  28 Feb 2000
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Th Bully that was and the three haircuts
by Thebarbered1  29 Nov 2014
A Different Kind of Rebellion
by Bald Surfer  03 Apr 2012
village haircut
by sky ranger  07 Oct 2014
The Making of a Marine
by Geoff  31 Dec 2006
Self buzz
by Mark lawton  23 May 2012
fine wine waiter
by aarroonn v.b.  21 May 2012
Theatre Major
by Tim  31 Dec 2004
A Brig or a Ship
by Walter  05 Aug 2014
Cut for Cash
by BaldSurfer  26 Sep 2012
I Do Not Need It
by A Recruit  31 Dec 2006
Let me see some
by Dave  31 Dec 2004
The Blow Torch
by Frank  31 Dec 2004
Broken Promises
by Jack  19 Sep 2014
Unexpected Perfect Season
by burrlypup  17 Dec 2014
the true me finally comes out
by Adam Stefanacci   22 Apr 2014
My Dad and his Fair Hair Deal
by Doug  31 Dec 2006
A Day with the Vets
by Mike  31 Dec 2004
Premières expériences avec un horseshoe
by Ti Pit  10 Jun 2014
The High and Tight Terrorists
by Buzz  31 Dec 2006
by Madhu  11 Jun 2012
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Short back & sides for a year - then two by Thebarbered1
I agree with the other guy when I was a kid every one had long hair but me I though it was smart . I also had a lot of discipline and I think all boys should have a clipper cut on top and shaved smooth around the back and sides even if u have to force them
Smart man27 Jan 2015
Short back & sides for a year - then two by Thebarbered1
Another great story. His parents were absolutely correct in my opinion- he deserved it. Young boys should be taken in hand at an early age to teach them some respect, this is exactly what they need- regular trips to the barbers, bring back proper old fashioned short back and sides.
bagpuss25 Jan 2015
my honeymoon head shave by shamit
nice head shave you should shaved her head also
Anon23 Jan 2015
Hypnotized by Jerrod
Waiting for part 2
Barber 123 Jan 2015
Better Next Time by Jack
Really good story
Thebarbered123 Jan 2015
Hit and Run by burrlypup
Awesome story - love the mouthy idiots total obsession with his precious hair ! Write some more, dude!
T23 Jan 2015
Survey 3! by Mark McKarty
Cheggers23 Jan 2015
Survey 2! by Mark McKarty
1A, 2A, 3C, 4A, 5B, 6B, 7 No
Jason22 Jan 2015
Survey 2! by Mark McKarty
A C B B B B cool survey
Cheggers22 Jan 2015
Callum visits the 1970s by Snipped Sam
Great story
Thebarbered121 Jan 2015