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Regretful haircut by Baldvenom
Good story about a regretful haircut. However it's too short and I'd like to read more description about your former hair do, the haircut itself, and the final result. Also, how did you feel physically and mentally during and after your haircut? Baldvenom, you have good ideas! Work on them!
Cute boy09 Oct 2015
Afeitado con cera by baldy88
Shaving with wax by baldy8

It was a normal day and he played me shave my head on a weekly basis, it was a little bored by the weekly maintenance. At that moment my partner comes and asks me you can shave your head?, I said that if he could, we then went to the bathroom I step the machine with the #00000 all was going well, I said come with me! We went down to the kitchen, turned on the stove, and placed a jar with wax, ask you what are you doing?, tells me I'll shave your head with wax, so will delay a few weeks more to grow!

I leave, the minutes remove the wax of the stove and began to apply it in the head (everything was nice until that time) and passed me a towel to bite her. Couldn't because towel and tells me from one minute to another bites the towel now!, he dropped a corner of the wax and strip (the pain was unbearable), then it makes me touch the area shaved and asks me that perhaps he had been incredibly smooth, there was nothing, was softer than rear of a baby, even let her continue, the minutes passed to that end, had my completely red head and burned a little. Then he started to apply a gel and make me a very relaxing massage on the irritated area.

After 10 minutes of massage did not feel none of the above, was pleasant even the hands of my beloved to the touch of my head, I went to the bathroom mirror I look looked great, it was very smooth and did not feel anything.

Passing days still not grow hair, is that it took three weeks and recently I began to feel the sand paper in my head, that same day I went to my Barber and asked that it rasurara everything. 5 days my hair grew as he normally did and my wife tells me I like your shaved head!. I just sat in the kitchen and was repeated the same story, clear that this time not hurt anything my skin got used to wax.

But from time to time I like to go where my Barber and I always shave my head it towards from the school.
Microsoft Translator09 Oct 2015
I like my long hair by bt
Would loved to have watch you lose all that pretty boy hair....
Anon09 Oct 2015
The Holiday by Snipped Sam
I know the lake district well - my brother lives there! (see Café Ambio on the links on the left)
admin07 Oct 2015
The Holiday by Snipped Sam
This takes place in Cumbria, England. The lakes district is in norther England on the Scottish boarder.
Anon07 Oct 2015
The Holiday by Snipped Sam
The decades are not mixed up, the seventies may have been the heyday for long hair, but the establishment widely frowned upon it.In the story ,clearly the guest house proprietor, the uncle and the barber did frown on the length of Marks hair.Having been a teenager in 1970s I do know what I am writing about.Snipped Sam.
Anon07 Oct 2015
Secret Buzz by buzzcutboy
I think for many of us, the fetish started around 12 or 13. So as a reflective story, I don't find this offensive. Nothing overtly sexual depicted.
Eboy99907 Oct 2015
The Holiday by Snipped Sam
OK, but I think you have your decades mixed up. The Seventies were the heyday for long hair on guys. Maybe you were thinking of the Fifties or very early Sixties?
Anon07 Oct 2015
Hip to Be Square(d) by BaldSurfer
Sounds like a very sexy dude. Wanna meet this fantasy guy. Love it......
Barber 106 Oct 2015
The Holiday by Snipped Sam
What a nasty person that barber seemed to be. A very sour person
Anon06 Oct 2015