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MY 1ST HEAD SHAVE by shamit

I am Shamit. I am 23 years old. I study in Delhi University. It
was summer mid. The temperature in Delhi is almost above 35
degrees. I used to stay with 4 friends of mine in a rented flat.
Since it was a rented flat we hardly had any facilities. The basic
things provided to us were a cupboard, a water filter, gas, a
cooking stove & a cooler which never worked. It was the peak
time for all the students in Delhi. Exams were approaching. Our
preparation leave had just started. We all had big-big bundles
of books to read. In order to get a break from studies the 5 of
us went swimming every evening.

It was almost three weeks that I was getting wired irritation
in my head…. Every two minutes I used to scrub my head with
my hands…. My room Mets felt that it is due to the chlorine
water… so they told me to ignore it… they said I will get over
the irritation by the time passes…. So I didn’t quit swimming….
In fact I felt relieved when I swam for two three hours…. But
once I was out of the pool I used to get the irritation again &
again….. I never knew the reason…. The whole month of May
passed like this…. Few days back Sameer’s {one of my room
met} brother visited our flat…. He often noticed me scrubbing
my head… he asked me the reason for this scrubbing….. I said

I don’t know the exact reason… he suggested me to consult a
skin specialist as it was good if I get medication for it as more
ignorance may conclude it being a chronic disorder….

My room Mets also felt the same….. They fixed an
appointment of mine to a reputed skin specialist in Delhi….. As
per the timing I went to meet the doctor….. He examined me
carefully….. He asked if I often experience sweating…. I said
yes as I sweat like anything…….. He said that is the main reason
for this chronic irritation…. I had got an allergy of my own
sweat…….. & the only medicine was to reduce the sweat in my
head….. But how????? I mean it is a natural phenomena…… my
doctor said that medicines would result into acidity so i should
try for a short hair style or else the best way to get rid out of it
is to go bald…….

I was not happy with his advice… I had never gone bald
or even tried a short hair style even in my schooling days…… I
returned home….studied the rest of the day…. It was evening….
Swimming time…. 5 of us left….. While we were swimming
Sameer asked as to what doctor said & stuff…. I told them what
he said & also told that the only solution he suggested was to
sport a bald look….. I told them I was feeling shy & awkward
because I never even tried a short hair style & here it was the

case of a going bald…… they understood the situation……..
But they said I had to get my head shaved because they also
met the doctor once I felt the place & he said instead of taking
medicines the best way to get rid of it was by going bald…..
Taking medicines would have unnecessarily caused acidity &
gases……. He also told them that even if I resist, get a forced
head shave because that will only help me get out of it……4
of them surrounded me…. Two of them held my legs & the
rest held my hands…. I couldn’t even move…..they removed
my swimwear & now I was full naked…. They said I will get my
swimwear only if I agree to get my head bald tonight…. I didn’t
have any option but to say yes…..

It was 8 pm we completed our swimming & now we were
heading towards our house….there was a barbershop near our
house were we all got our hair cut…. 1 of my room met
stopped at the shop entrance & asked the owner till what time
the shop was open, he told it was open till 10 pm…. There were
almost 10 people waiting there…..we all were hungry….He gave
his number to the shop owner & asked him to call before the
shop closed as there was a need for a urgent haircut… he
agreed…. It was 9:30 we had completed our dinner & my
friends actually pushed me to the bathroom to get a
shampoo… I was not willing to go but I couldn’t resist them as

well….sharp at 9:50 the shop owner gave a call & I was being
asked to get ready… I wore a cotton mesh ganji {a semi-
transparent sleeveless t-shirt} & boxers…. I looked into the
mirror once….. I touch my hair for the last time & when I was
about to leave the 4 of them told that they would also
accompany me…..that meant a lot to me….. As I was feeling
nervous like anything….. We reached the barbershop…. He
asked whose haircut was so urgent …. The 4 of them pointed at
me…. I was not in a state to even speak a word……. My friend
asked me to remove my ganji & sit bear chest….. I removed it &
the barber asked me to sit on the chair…… I sat…… he wrapped
me into a cloth…… I didn’t even notice it….. I was in my own
phobia…… he asked me how he should cut me hair….. I didn’t
answer……… I was just staring the mirror in front of me……..
one of my friend said in Hindi “uncleji mundeka sir mundwana
hai….ek bhi bal nahi hona chahiye sir pe………. doctor ne kaha
hai…ek dam takla bana do us ko….machine washine kuch mat
istemal karo tussi bas blade ghumaiyo aur munde ko gunja
karwa do….mai to keheta hu tussi 3-4 bar blade ghumaiyo taki
ekbhi bal na bache… ” {English translation: - uncle, shave that
boy full bald!! There mustn’t be any hair on his head… doctors
have advised him for a bald look… don’t use any clippers…just
use a straight razor & make it move on his head 3-4 times so
that there absolute no hair on his head}….the barber started
spraying water on my head.. He made it full wet…..he

massaged my head thoroughly…. He took out the straight
razor, changed its blade………made me bow down & started…..
The currr currr sound of the blade had started coming… I could
feel the air touching the shaved area…. I was feeling a sigh of
relief…. My fear, my tension just vanished…I started enjoying
it… I felt that I was almost experiencing haven…..its a awesome
feel…..the feel of blade gently moving on your head is the best
part….part by part my irritation reduced as head got shaved…..
I was bald from back & sides but know came the main part…….
The front….. Shaving it, I was going to sport a new look for
many coming days……… he started it…. In 2 minutes he
completed it….. Now I was bald…… trust me the irritation in my
head had magically vanished…. I had no courage to see myself
in mirror……. But my friend praised my new look like any
thing……that was the most needed “moral boost”……. I felt
confident….. I finally looked in to the mirror…. Was it me??? I
felt for a moment…. I touched my bald head… moved my hand
across it many times….. Ah!!!!!!!! Man I was actually bald
yar!!!!!!!!! I just couldn’t believe it…. my friend also moved
their hands on my head……. The barber unwrapped me… I got
out of the chair…. Wore my ganji, paid the barber ….. He also
praised my new look & we left…….. We went to our common
friend’s coffee shop…. Had a cup of coffee…… I thank my
friends for being so strict about my head shave as it really help
me, I also didn’t had to take any medicine….. All my reader this

is not a fantasy but a true story….. I would just suggest you all
to just experience feel of sporting a bald look once in your life
time as it is the most best feeling………GO BALD MY FRIENDS


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